Kent Hovind will hate this

Did you want to listen to a podcast that does a deep dive on Kent Hovind? This one is rather savage, so I enjoyed it. It covers his early career — getting a fake degree from a Bible college, his years spent teaching “high school biology” (which turns out to be entirely at unaccredited Christian schools) — and then gets into his tax fraud and infatuation with sovereign citizens.

And then it ends, just before the prison years. I guess we’ll have to wait for part two.


  1. Ada Christine says

    good news! they actually posted part 2 before part 1 on youtube. it’s already ready for you!

  2. robro says

    What!? Ken Hovind is a fraudster in the Age of Fraudsters!!? Color me unsurprised, and spare me the details.

  3. robro says

    Speaking of fraudsters: Per Heather Cox Richardson, that bit yesterday about the Trump campaign raising $34million+ in small donations after the verdict was from Don the Con himself. If you believe that then you probably believe he didn’t have sex with that porn star.

  4. says

    Ah, good, old Kent “I don’t have to pay taxes because technically it’s all owned by god” Hovind.

  5. larpar says

    “Kent Hovind will hate this”
    I don’t know about that. It will give him fodder for 20 rebuttal videos.

  6. rietpluim says

    @larpar #6
    “Kent Hovind will hate this”
    I think you can be pretty sure about that. Hovind hates virtually everything.

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