Maybe we can call it Dark Easter

I saw this and had to stick my head in a grungy, stinky box to take this photo.

See it? There was a mama Parasteatoda tending her egg sac. Right there in the middle! You can’t miss it.

I scooped it up, and will be taking it into the lab. Maybe this is easier to see?

The spiders are laying eggs all over the place and tucking their sacs into odd corners all around the yard and the house. It’s like an easter egg hunt!


  1. prairieslug says

    On my house there is an old storm window that has a gap in it that allows insects to come in but not get out, they become trapped between the storm window and the inner window, there are a quite a few well-fed Parasteatoda in there that have been making a lot of egg sacs in the last couple weeks.

  2. StevoR says

    It’s like an easter egg hunt!

    Yeah, but spdier eggs even mock ones wouldn’t provide enough chocolate – need an awful lot of them.

  3. John Morales says

    Spider caviar, StevoR.

    Rather expensive stuff, after all, it takes quite a few egg-sacks’ worth to make a mouthful.


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